150 cities already benefit from smart solutions developed by the Andalusian company.

Smart City Expo World Congress

“From sensoring to display”

Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions has been working on the convergence of their IoT solutions and its expert capabilities in Sensors, Communications, Cybersecurity, Big Data & Analytics and Dashboard to offer the market a complete architecture on which to build and operate IoT applications covering from the sensoring to analysis of information. To do so, in SCEWC 2016, the launch of its IoT Platform will enable the customer to integrate into one system flexible and diverse applications and services, own or other new or existing set. This will allow the customer to extract the value of all data to gain a competitive advantage today and boost the generation of applications of tomorrow. The modules of the IoT architecture Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions provide the necessary mechanisms to ensure an integrated IoT system, robust, secure and controlled, without compromising flexibility or the possibilities of adaptation and growth.

The company has a portfolio of technology solutions aimed at Smart Cities that are already present in more than 150 cities and focus on improving several of the most critical areas in the management of a municipality: street lighting, energy management, waste collection and mobility and traffic, amongst others. All developments offer the ability to obtain real-time data to use and implement policies and therefore savings.

Seville, 10 November 2016. A year Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions will be exhibiting, at the F668 booth in Smart City Expo World Congress which will be held from 15 to 17 November 2016 in FIRA BARCELONA, this year under CITIES FOR CITIZENS slogan. The event is one of the most important internationally in its sector.

In this 2016 edition the Andalusian company will present future developments and product innovations among which are the commitment to equip and offer all its IoT connected products based on LPWA networks (Low Power Wide Area Networks) and technologies of low consumption to its customers so all connectivity options  can be implemented to their projects.

In addition Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions is reaching agreements with relevant partners in the field of security to ensure the integrity of the data monitored by all its devices while ensuring its customers that the data have not been altered.

Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions is currently seeking distributors at European level for its technical solutions. Aiming to establish strong and lasting partnerships in time to enable the technology in order to gain market share outside its borders.

1.8 M inhabitants enjoy more efficient public lighting

WeLight, a global solution for control and management of the entire infrastructure of public lighting in a municipality. The system is a nationwide leader, already present in 106 municipalities and managing 250.000 lights at the hands of important customers. The system has evolved to incorporate the Telemanagement point-to-point under the RF (Radiofrequency) and PLC (Power Line Communication) technologies as well as a Cable theft Detection functionality which is one of the main worries for municipalities today and eventually causes losses of up to 40.000€. The new Inventory Modules, through which you can achieve savings of up to 35% in maintenance service as well as Maintenance Module for incident management, which allows you to verify the performance of the service, coming to complete the offer of this comprehensive system.

The WeLight system, has the ability to implement a Smart City network through the power line without the need for additional investment in network infrastructure. This network allows the integration of all types of sensors for monitoring and control of Smart Cities.

WeLight has also evolved its software platform for lighting management which incorporates the integrated management of all services related to the operation of lighting, with unified access, easy navigation interface and web access across multiple devices, the platform allows access with various user profiles and is made on the basis of a modular design. It also incorporates the possibility of integrating the energy management tool for interiors of buildings, WeSave, all under the same access.


Smart containers to provide better service to citizens

Quamtra (formerly eGarbage) is an intelligent system for waste collection based on the sensoring of the containers. It is a versatile and adaptable solution to any scenario or IoT Smart City infrastructure that is ready for integration with IoT (SigFox and LoRa) networks. The sensors work on the MQTT protocol that allows direct communication between devices and client servers. The Quamtra system is already deployed in a total of 30 municipalities. Noteworthy is the LIFE + EWAS project, developed in partnership with other entities and now in its final phase, where LIPASAM  (Seville) and  DEDISA (Chania, Greece) participate, both municipal environmental management companies, with 275 urban containers monitored in Seville and 355 containers in remote areas in Chania (Greece). The optimization of costs associated with the collection is expected to be up to 42%.


Cost savings with video-detection parking

In the field of urban mobility Wellness smart Cities & Solutions have developed WeGo&Park, a video-detection system for public parking spaces on public roads. In this international event the company introduces an enhanced version of its detection algorithm of parking spaces that allows individual detection of places, improves response times to allow control of places in real time and improved reliability of enhanced detection. The system is designed both for the parking space of public and private premises.

Monitor energy use to implement policies and improvements

In the field of water and quality management the Galician based Wastewater Company and operator, Espina y Delfín, and Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions, complete the installation of energy monitoring system WeSave over 15 plants. The hardware and software system, designed by Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions, is doing the work of taking measures of consumption within the framework of the European ENERWATER project aimed at the development of a standard methodology for energy evaluation of wastewater treatment plants and their classification into energy classes A, B, C, and D.

Without leaving the field of technological applications in the water sector, Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions has developed and is improving Wellness Smart Water, a detection pressure probe, measuring water quality and monitoring of different parameters, which allows wirelessly the collection of real-time data required from the supply networks to improve their management.


Continued strong activity in R & D, is one of the hallmarks of Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions since its inception and results in the involvement in several international projects aligned with its business objectives: WeLight 2.0, GreenSoul, SmartCityBox , SmartPlant, Mire3D, LIFE + EWAS, Widesens, Sophia, SecondSmart, Switch, among others. New ideas and developments carried out today will shape new tools and features for dynamic and changing environments that the company will face tomorrow.

On Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions:

Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions is a company that specializes in solutions for smart cities. Smart solutions are based on the new paradigm of Internet of Things (IoT): conception, design and manufacture of solutions both hardware and software development.

The solutions focus on several areas: intelligent lighting; monitoring and energy optimization; waste management; leakage management and quality of the drinking water; intelligent management of urban parking; open government and citizen participation; and quality of life.

In owning and developing their products it allows them to achieve greater flexibility to adapt to the needs of partners and customers, establishing strong and lasting relationships.


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