Quamtra - Dispositivo de sensorización + plataforma de gestión online

Quamtra_V1: Volumetric Measurement Sensor for Waste Containers

Quamtra_v1 is the monitoring device installed inside the containers and completely autonomous and self-sufficient, it is responsible for collecting the data associated with the filling of the container as well as for detecting real-time events associated with temperature alerts and shaking, in this way each container is turned into an active and intelligent element.


The data is reported wirelessly (2G/3G/4G/LPWA technologies as LoRa/SigFox/NB IoT) and stored on a Cloud Computing infraestructure managed by Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions. The measurements are stored in the Quamtra data repository and are displayed to the end user through the web service created for this purpose.

Hardware Features

The Quamtra_V1 sensors are equipped with a case with fire retardant properties that allows attachment to the container by bolts or rivets, thus preventing its fall during the collection process.

To withstand the conditions of the environment where it will be installed, the device has IP66 protection. In addition the material can set the colour of the case in order to merge it with the environment where it will be displayed. From the information reported by our sensors we are able to avoid overflowing the contents, avoid collecting almost empty containers, reduce the number of hours of trucks on the street, the emission of gases and, ultimately, adapt the resources according to the needs of the service.

Solution Outline

Quamtra - Plataforma Software

Software Platform

  • Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Cloud data repository.
  • Dashboard and remote configuration of devices.
  • Web application developed with latest technologies.
  • Monitoring information.
  • Alerts.
  • Reports.
  • Reports.




The device employs a volumetric measurement in the inside the container, with an ultrasound beam of 30°. This beam is immune to dusty environments that can interfere in the measuring with other technologies.
 The measurement period can be configured remotely by the user to suit their information needs.
No, the device has an internal data logger that in case it is not able to send information due to connectivity issues or otherwise, it saves that information to send it later in the next report.
Yes, all of the solutions have a layered architecture and the databases are specifically designed for the new IoT paradigm.


No, the sensor has batteries that automatically facilitate its operation.
10 years under optimal conditions (Quality of signal level, temperature, etc.) and with a configuration of 2 daily reports on filling information with no additional alarms or configurations.
Yes, that is why Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions has developed a hibernation mode on the device that can be configured remotely, it will set the device in a stand-by mode so that it does not send information to the server and the minimum battery is spent. In this case, all you have to do to is to manually activate the device passing the magnet through the location where Wellness Smart Cities & Solution specifies.
Yes, the shell of the device has an IP66 degree of protection, so it can operate in harsh, humid and dusty environments without damage or affecting its operation. Furthermore, the degree of protection confers sealing to withstand cleaning containers with the sensor installed inside.
In Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions we know that merging with the environment is important, so the colour of the shell is configurable.


The containers must be previously created in Quamtra’s web site, and in order to deploy the sensors, the manufacturer will provide a deployment APP available for Android, that will lead the installer through the process of installation and pairing of the device.
Yes, the sensor has a configurable filling (and emptying) alert that can be configured remotely and that facilitates the sending of filling information practically in real time. If the sensor is performing a measurement and it exceeds the filling level, the system will start to send such information to the Quamtra platform.
Yes, the device has a temperature sensor (configurable by the user) that enables to notify the system when the temperature level has been exceeded in real time.
Indeed, the sensor has an accelerometer that notifies the system in real time of the sudden moves that the container may suffer. This configuration is set remotely.
Yes, the system will enable the remote configuration of the battery alarm, meaning that the user will be able to configure the device to warn the system to change the batteries when they fall below certain level.
No, the device can be configured remotely from the Quamtra platform. Between the configurable parameters there are: measurement and information submission periods, temperature thresholds alerts, accelerometer, filling and battery level.


The sensor can be installed with rivets or self-tapping screws. The installation is simple and can be done by just making 4 holes on the surface of the container.
The deployment application enables you to get calls form the recently installed sensor in the container to check the proper operation and deployment of the device.
Quamtra sensors can be installed in different types of containers, such as lateral, back, bilateral, double-hook, igloo, underground, textiles, load containers…