Quamtra, our product for smart waste management, has obtained the certification Sigfox Ready. This way, Quamtra will be able to operate from the global communication network with the greatest potential in the world of loT. The network Sigfox, thanks to the increasing coverage of its service connection and to the same characteristics, have made a network for thousands of devices powered by batteries. It is necessary to send our sensor data perfectly with the limited bandwidth that is used for devices that operate on this network, allowing it to function in a free frequency bandwidth where the interference of communication is affected to a lesser extent.

“We are very proud to be able to include Sigfox as one of the communication networks that can work with our product Quamtra. Thanks to Sigfox, Quamtra will maintain its high level of service by decreasing the power requirements necessary for functioning. This will allow us to raise the life utilization of the batteries of our devices to more than 15 years by virtually removing the need for on-site maintenance.” Jose Antonio Cabo Valdés Product Manager of Quamtra.