New generation technology company

The Wellness Telecom group is a Telecommunications and New Technologies company founded in 2008. It bases its activity on the provision of expert network services and IT systems, Cloud Computing and Smart Cities. The company has its central offices in Seville, Spain, with branches in Malaga and Almeria (Spain), Mexico City (Mexico) and Seattle (USA).

Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions

Our smart solutions are based on the new paradigm of the Internet of Things: we devise, construct and deploy solutions for both hardware and software development.

Wellness Smart Cities & Solutions is a company specialised in solutions for smart cities. We design our own technologies to provide intelligence to infrastructures, creating more efficient, livable and intelligent cities. The solutions are centered around several lines: intelligent lighting; energy monitoring and optimization; waste management; management of leaks and quality of the drinking water system; intelligent management of urban parking; open government and citizen participation; and quality of life.

We are passionate about the new technologies and we help the customer in their decision-making regarding new needs for emerging disruptive technologies.

Wellness Telecom is a company of reference in the convergence of information technologies (IT) and operational technologies (OT) that works integrally in a wide range of fields: intelligent sensors, communications, cloud computing, cybersecurity, big data, massive analysis of data in real time and integral visibility of the process or result. We design intelligent and end-to-end solutions for the new IoT challenges.



Cisco Avant Garde Star Partner of the year 2011 prize.

This recognises the efforts of the company in providing products and services from the prestigious international company Cisco.


Analysis by Alfonso Velosa.

Why Cool: Wellness Telecom provides a series of solutions and services that use sensor-based cloud computing to help municipal governments optimize public services and cost. In particular, Wellness Telecom’s portfolio of products helps city administrators work to improve city life and sustainability by using technology to improve services and save on costs.

Sapin Tech Center

STC Silicon Valley Immersion Program.

We have recently been selected as one of the winning companies of the SpainTech Center, a joint initiative created by the Ministry of Industry and the Economy in Spain and Banco Santander to support and expand our business in Silicon Valley.


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